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  • Gil

    God is Love!

    To care and consider one’s life more important than any risk the salvation of this person may significate…

    This is love!

    So that’s correct to affirm with some certainty that He WAS and WILL BE love as sure as He IS love? That it’s not possible for Him to hate?

    This is Justice!

    And how this acknowlege about His LOVE affects the acknowlege of His Justice? Someone probalbly would ask me: “- Man, what d’you mean?”… It seems some kind of new and exquisite doctrine that, time after time, blows up among us… but to connect God’s love with His Justice seems not natural, unless we think that the Justice is the most perfect way to show Love, and Love has its own higher manifestation in the Justice… so both are tightly linked one another… undissolveable, I can affirm…

    Than, what can we say about our church’s concerns about “Love and justice” as trying to teach separate concepts? Is that true? Love and Justice teach that, although One can say: you are forgiven; other may say: you must be careful, God’s Patience has a limit… could these things work this way?

    Let’s think for a while about a God who loved so much that has given his own life to reach people completely drowned in sin… is He the same God who destroyed Sodoma and Gomorra and sent the diluve do kill the mankind excepting eight people? How to conciliate “Love and Justice” in these extreme moments of our existence in world?

    The answer is simple for same ones, but not so simple to another ones…instead all of this, the Bible shows us the real solution for this hard question:

    Like a Divine Surgeon, God apllies medicine to specific situations that requires of Him a immediate solution… just like to operate an “anneurisma” or to solve the evolution of a Gangrena… the method is no way pleasant… but may significate the difference between loosing or maintaining contact with us… or in other words: Eternal Death or Eternal Life…

    So the Love of God is everlasting as well as His Justice… both working together to keep somehow the mankind alive… until He comes and restores ev’rything…
    So, the God of the Old Teastment is the same one of the New Teastment in ev’ry sense and direction… just we must consider the trustfulness and fidelity of Who said: I love you, and it doesn’t matter what have you done, my Love for you cannot be changed… I could not love you more or less than I do… That’s how I am!

    This is Grace!

    “Because I, the Lord, do not change… for this reason you’re not subverted!”… it’s the same as if I said: I do not change! You may hope on Me; I’m completely secure, you may trust in My words!My intents about you are the better!

    This is Grace, Justice and Love spoken at the same time and working together!

    Glory to God for this!

  • Gil

    And all of this were shown perfectly in the Person of Our Lord Jesus Christ… in His life, Minstry, death and ressurrection, as well as on His minstry for us in the Heaven’s Sanctuary…

    But one thing must be clear to all minds: God Our Father fights with Jesus, not AGAINST Him! If Jesus gave His precious Life, it means that the Father has did the Same!!!

    Good Week and may God be with us all!!!