Breaking Down the Barriers

Breaking Down the Barriers

WOW. Here’s a great example of breaking down the barriers of hate, misperception, separation, segregation, and done by a powerful brand. I can’t help but think that if Christians put their minds together, we can make an impact this large in the world, especially with God’s help. Please follow and like us:

We’re in Good Company

Our view of God is the most important thing we can ever have in order to become friends who trust Him. If God is a vengeful, selfish, unforgiving, severe, arbitrary person it is virtually impossible to become His friend. We can become His servants, but not His friends.

First gathering was great.

Thanks to everyone who came. We had 11 brazilians and one American (thanks Jael), and we dialogued about the topic on this first handout mostly in English. If we get more people, we might want to split it in two languages, but it worked out well mixing the two, we liked that dynamic. Our live […]