Special God Chat

Hello all, as noticed last week, we are moving God Chat to listen to Ty Gibson‘s message at College View Church‘s camp meeting. If you are in Lincoln, NE please come. It starts at tonight 7:30 pm CST. Please follow and like us:

6- Where to Find the Evidence? – Gathering

Hello everyone. Hope you guys had a good week. I want to invite you to join God Chat this week once again. Last week we didn’t meet because of the graduation festivities. But we are back on. This week we are going to question and evaluate the source of all the evidence we have been […]

5 – How a Friend Restores Trust – Audio & Handouts

Hi everyone. Thank you so much for keeping up with the bible study this past month. It has been a great blessing to have all of you there sharing your thoughts, opinions, and prayers with us. In the past 4 weeks our meetings have been very profound and have been getting a little long due […]