We’re in Good Company

Our view of God is the most important thing we can ever have in order to become friends who trust Him. If God is a vengeful, selfish, unforgiving, severe, arbitrary person it is virtually impossible to become His friend. We can become His servants, but not His friends.

4- A Friend Wants Our Trust – Audio & Handouts

Hello all, if you’d like to follow along with our dialogue number four online via TalkShoe live, click the link on the right around 8:00 pm CST, here is the handout. Trust – Handout Trust – Notes Please follow and like us:

4- A Friend Wants our Trust – Gathering

Hello everyone, Our fourth gathering will be happening tonight at 7:30 CST here in Lincoln, NE. If you are around the area, come by: 3321 Preston Ave., Lincoln, NE If you would like to follow along our dialogue tonight from where you are, please click on the link to the right of this post, listen […]